Amber: Brighten your days

Amber comes from " Pinus Succinifera", a species of conifer found around the edges of the Baltic.

Over time this fossilised resin becomes finely nuanced polished stones and dubbed " the tears of seabirds".

They are particulary suited to the signs of Leo, Gemini and Virgo.

This "magic stone from ancient times" has multiple benefits and brings calm and strength.

The trade in Amber really took off in antiquity.

It was present in Greece and often found in the tombs of Tholos where it is termed, "elektron" meaning " made by the sun".

In Egypt, this beautiful stone is frequently used in the manufacture of jewellery, necklaces, charms, and ornaments.

Semi-precious stones are described as containing the " light of the world".

Amber with its honey tones, brings balance to your moods and looks.

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