The Tiger’s Eye: awaken the animal in you, in all your femininity

The eye of the tiger symbol of strength and protection is known for its benefits on the nerves. It is assumed to have the ability to erect a shield to face daily challenges, chase away bad luck and to clarify doubts. It is recommended for Gemini, Virgo and Leo.

In the past, this fine stone, of the microcrystalline, family was worn by Roman soldiers during battles.   A Talisman in the Middle Ages, it is the stone of protection, par excellence.

Its mysterious, opaque colours from yellow to brown red, is both reminiscent of the iris of the eye and, the coat of the tiger.

Chic and discreet, Tiger's Eye is a timeless addition for your jewellery. A classic, to go with your little black dress!


Création Bijoux des Muses