This jewellery is handcrafted in the South of France

This jewellery is handcrafted in the South of France

Everything passes through the eyes, from the imagination of ornaments to the steps taken in the presentation of the final  creation. Each stage is done with the greatest artistic care to better coordinate  my creative jewellery  with your outfits.

All the models  are meticulously assembled  and are the fruit of multiple experiences,  to marry finesse and originality with  semiprecious stones. For you, a selection of a  thousand and one colours and varieties.

Bijoux des Muses provides  jewellery to accompany you in your daily life.

It is therefore with particular attention that  all materials are chosen to limit  any potential risk of allergies.

Of course women are all different, so all the  necklaces and bracelets are adjustable in size.    So to get the perfect length and, also  the possibility of designing and purchasing a personal creation, please contact me.

Behind the Muses Jewellery ...

In Greek mythology, Zeus has 9 daughters each of whom had special powers in  the Creative Arts.    These 'Muses' were considered  to have  the power to, influence, motivate and inspire.   Thus 'Jewelley of the Muses' was born.

With my  professional training and commercial manufacturing  experience in sewing and my  love of the creative process, I design and create, jewellery to be in harmony with the garment.

However my first source of inspiration is you. For more than 15 years I travelled  the markets of France and elsewhere to nourish myself with feminine ideas and desires in order to better respond to them.
I seek  to capture your personality and thus enable your character to shine through.