The Pearl: The refined stone of the sophisticated woman

A semi-precious stone whose reputation is second to none.

Known for its delicate white or cream colour.   From aesthetic opaque to its slightly translucent edges, the pearl conceals beautiful properties and subtle virtues.

She confers both intuition and sensitivity.

Cancer, Pisces and Libra in particular discover the beauty of the pearl, with the mixtures of aragonite or calcite, which envelop and protect this semi-precious stone.

Nicknamed the ‘Tears of Aphrodite,’ pearls were said to born from a tear which fell into a shell. It is a symbol of femininity and love.

In ancient times they are used in creating necklaces, bracelets and other jewellery.

 History tells that the Romans girls received one or two stones a year, to create a necklace on transition to adulthood.

With its silky, sheer brilliance, the pearl is sufficient alone to reveal your femininity


Création Bijoux des Muses