Amethyst: associates serenity, intensity and femininity

With its major shades nuances of mauve and purple it helps alleviate stress and calms stressful situations.

The presence of iron gives it a distinctive and characteristic hue.

This semi-precious stone or gemstone belongs to the family of macro crystalline quartz.

 Amethyst is associated in astrology to Pisces, Aries and Taurus.

It gives crystal healing both in its veins and by its purifying vitreous lustre.

Etymologically, Amethyst comes from the Greek amethistos meaning “protects from drunkenness.”    The reason why Wine Cups were decorated with amethysts?

This mysterious stone also symbolizes, “to be able toor to “have the Power.”

It was selected in Egypt by beautiful Queen Cleopatra for her seal and by the royal family for various adornments.

Brilliant and enigmatic, the amethyst is the stone of the woman seeking affirmation and confident elegance.

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