The Cornaline/Carnelian: brightens your behaviour, your outfit and your day.

Cornaline belongs to a variety of red chalcedonies.

This powerful semi-precious stone is your best ally, to find one’s dynamism and vitality

With its various shades or nuances, varying from orange/red to dark red, it symbolizes ‘life and joy’.

Sometimes confused with tinted agate one can differentiate them by the united and intense colours present in Cornaline. It is particularly suited to the astrological signs: Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio and Aries

The etymological origin of the term refers to the ‘red dogwood fruit,’ whose Latin name meant “horned horn.”

Among Romans, this graceful, fine stone was the symbol of the female origin.

Among Egyptians it was used in the gold collars to contrast with black onyx and lapis lazuli.

Cornelian brings a of blaze of colour, for you to, ‘flamboyantly enjoy the moment’ without any shade of negative thought.


Création Bijoux des Muses