Rock crystal: shines like the biggest stars

This colourless and transparent stone has meaningful and significance light.

It refracts light, and reflects the various colours of the rainbow. It is regarded as supporting the circulation of energy and a source of wisdom.

This mineral stone of the quartz family is sometimes confused by its colour, with diamond. Less expensive, the rock crystal has aesthetic qualities which will be able to charm all the astrological signs.

Originally named by the Greeks, krystallos, meaning “ice'” because it was regarded as eternally frozen water.

This magic of its charm is found in the use of this stone to predict the future.

 For some years rock crystal was unfairly abandoned until recently. Now this elegant stone has been brought back into fashion by such classic jewellers as Cartier, Boucheron, and Chanel, etc

Sophisticated and casual at the same time, the rock crystal brightens any outfit and any evening.


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