Malachite: Women's gemstone and positivity

Malachite is a mineral species belonging to the group of mineral carbonates.

This beautiful gemstone sometimes known as the "green mountain" aids the ability be able to escape and, supports the fight against negative thoughts.

Malachite is part of the circle of protective stones.  It is most suited to Libra, Capricorn, Scorpio and Taurus.

It owes its intense, finely striped, green colour to the presence of copper.

For some, its name comes from the Latin malachites "purple" in reference to the opaque colour of the leaves of the Mallow flower.    For others Malachite derives its name from the Greek malakos "soft," echoing its ‘ease of work.’

In ancient Egypt it was the emblem of Hathor, the protector of women.   Powdered, she was also the ancestor of modern eye makeup.

Deep green, malachite is the perfect ornamental stone to chase away your doubts and to complete any outfit, day or night.


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